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If you want to bring creativity to life this is the right place for you

We're looking for talented artists

If you are passionate for visual arts and architecture and want to challenge yourself collaborating with creative minds and international firms

have a look at our open positions and get in touch at:

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We are looking for a talented 3D ARTIST to be part of our team.

We are looking for a talented 3D ARTIST to be part of our team.


We want to provide a rich ground for a like minded artist ready to improve and experiment, to express his/her artistic soul and to share the journey with a small team of similar creatures.

 Key Responsibilities 

The artist will be in charge of the creation of architectural visualisations for Australian and International high-profile projects of different scales and functions. He/she will oversee the whole process from the concept discussion to the final postproduction with the goal of translating the architects’ needs in an evocative and unique image.


Experience Required

The necessary experience will be reflected in a diverse portfolio of illustrations.

Education/Professional Qualifications
Not specific Degree is required but a deep attitude to understand the magical realm of architecture with an artistic approach is crucial.

Personal Skills

Artistic thinking and approach to images creation:

Strong attitude to share and work in a team environment;
Extreme attention to details without losing the big picture;
Excellent communication skills and empathic understanding of under pressure situations;
Strong drive to personal growth and adequate openness to discussion and to external feedbacks;
Passion and balance in a frenetic work development.

Technical Skills

Advance knowledge of Autodesk 3ds max and Vray;
Great ability of modelling, lighting and material creation;
Experience with iToo Software Package;
Fantastic attitude of managing the visualisation in Photoshop;
Good communication skills in English.

The candidate needs to be eligible to work in Australia or to have the characteristics to apply for temporary visas.

If your profile matches the description and your portfolio can be a valid addition to our style please send us your application (cv & portfolio) to:

jobs (@)

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